Situation/Market and industry analysis

In 2011, penetration of soymilk was just 1,5% of the milk industry. Fresh milk was dominant and most consumed with 31.6% share. However, the growth rate (CAGR) of soymilk currently is forecast at 7.7% (Euromonitor) which was even higher than fresh milk (7.5%).

There was an opportunity for Fami to launch a new soymilk product in the market considering the potential growth rate within the soymilk category, yet there was a challenge in that they needed to overcome the indirect competing product – fresh milk. 


To launch the totally new soymilk product - FAMI CANXI - in the market and create a compelling reason for daily soymilk consumption.


The habit of fresh milk consumption in Vietnam is very strong. Though people may be aware of the benefits of soymilk, they still do not have a strong reason to consume soymilk instead of fresh milk. Thus, finding a functional benefit with the emotional attachment that can create a good reason for consumers to drink soymilk was the biggest challenge for the launch.

Consumer analysis

Based on the business strategy, the product was focused in rural/sub-urban areas where the target audience would be different with the urban population. There was a long discussion about who would be the core target audience for the new product with the benefit of added calcium, whether it should be kids or teenagers. While the client was initially preferring the kids segment, the agency had the data to convince the client to focus on teenagers.

Consumer insight

Rural people are simple and they love every single fun moment that happens around them. Sometimes it’s just small thing but it creates a big impact on their enjoyment of life.

Creative idea


Still focusing on the functional benefit of strong bones, we added in a fun element of the result of the strong bones which created a big impact on the target audience. The iconic action of “breaking something” after drinking Fami Canxi registered strongly with all of the target audience, and even after few years with different approaches, people still recalled it clearly.


We were the first agency to create this result from the message of strong bones in 2013, and after 5 years the direction was renewed with new materials.

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