Laurier used to be number one sanitary product when they first launched in Vietnam with its superior features that no one owned at that moment. Throughout the year, the quality still stays and remains however, the aggressive competition with the upgrade of product features of the 2 big players – Dianna and Kotex- make people forget about Laurier’s superior features.


To highlight the superior of product in an impressive but clear way.


LSSG used to be the only one with 1mm thin and 200time absorption, but those functions were “copy cat” and available to other products as well. The challenge is how we can introduce the almost same same benefit but interestingly and markable.


People usually have perception about women as a “weak” gender because of the appearance compare to male, also because of the nature of this gender. On the other hand, for most of products that look thin, it’s also perceived that it’s not strong in term of power or performance as well.

Creative idea


The idea using both perception factors from women and thin product to create a tension in the thought itself. Instead of creating an usual story with the expected contrast of a thin woman with strong power, we lift it up to a higher level of story telling by showing our Laurier lady as a thin, sexy but “strong” (smart, powerful) spy who can beat agains all masculine men. The secret weapon to help this lady is interestingly a Laurier product. 


Within 24 hours after 1st airing, the viral clip reached 1,745,700 organic reach and 19,332 organic shares. 2 days after 1st airing, the viral clip was organicly shared by 11 famous hotpages/ forums/ influencers. 100% recall result for the product features and benefits being demo in the viral.

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