There are good Japanese diapers in Vietnam that was well known with Vietnamese moms with good price and good quality, dominant players are Unicharm (Bobby, Goon & Mommy Poko) with 49,6% share while Kao (Merries) is just 0.6%. Though Merries is at premium segment with superior quality, it still creates a big challenge to Merries to prove their different standard compare to the other brands.


Re-position Merries and create a different community for moms who use Merries for their kids.


Considering the aggressive competition in the market, how can Merries create a unique community platform but still deliver clearly and strongly the superior benefit of their products.


Kids are mom’s everything, where every single little action from their kids will matter. Also, mothers are always comparing their clid to other children, and their to have the best. This extend to issues beyond health to things live good behaviour and intelligence.

Creative idea


We wanted to create a totally new term/definition about “1st class” kids, where all the kids are grown up into responsible, mature adults.

It’s definitely not about wealth or success. For the 1st year, the whole campaign was about “the culture kids” where we described different characteristics of kids by cleverly following the key superior features of Merries. For the 2nd year, we extended the experience into a higher level of interest with the “wonderland of good behavior kids”, where moms could explore the different behavior at different stages of development. She could engage with different activities to find tips and information in order to teach their child to be better behaved.


After the first year launch and the new positioning, the market share of Merries increased dramatically to 1.2%, and the mom’s community started talking and sharing about the “1st class” kids” theme. The key superior features were well recognized and remembered through three cute characters that Merries created. In the 2nd year, people might not think a diaper brand will go for traditional techniques, so we added a new technology such as facial recognition detection into our content on the wonderland microsite which gave the audience a better user experience.

Video clip introducing the 3 new characters

The visual, expression, mood & tone of the 3 characters

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Social platform (FBFP) with the build up of contents to recruit fans and increase engagement

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For the 2nd year, we extend the experience into a higher level of interest with the “wonderland of good behavior kids” where moms can have explore knowledge about different behavior at different growing stage of babies, she can engage with different activities to find tips and learnings in order to have a better observation and guidance for kids to be a well-behaved kids.

Video clip introducing the wonderland of good behavior kids

The extension of image for 3 characters

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