As of 2016 TH True was still conducting its marketing offline, even though by this time most brands had moved to digital. Given the aggressive competition with the big players Vinamilk and Dutch Lady, who were early adopters for digital, TH True Yogurt products needed to have an effective digital campaign to gain attention and generate viral activity from consumers.


Relaunch TH True Yogurt by reinforce the strongest benefit – DELICIOUS TASTE


Every brand always claims it has the best tasting products, especially the big brands like Vinamilk or Dutch Lady. Dutch Lady made a strong claim of its product’s taste with the slogan “ngon như nhà làm”. How was TH True Yogurt to define its own taste and stand out from the crowd? 

Analysis/ Insight

When creating online materials, it’s not just about describing what’s good about a product, but how it can keep the audience’s attention till the end of the content/campaign. IN addition, each audience member will have different preferences.

Creative idea

DELICIOUS IN YOUR OWN WAY ( Ngon theo cách của bạn)

Delicious is a subjective judgement for different people, so the idea is to show them different levels of “delicious” with a creative twist to enjoy the content. Additionally, we were able to nicely blend different variants of products into different levels of delicious such as “Ngon quên sầu” for durian, “ngon thanh mát” for aloe vera and “ngon khó cữơng” for the original flavour. 


The content created a major buzz during the launch for its interesting twist and fresh style of execution. We were retained as the digital agency for TH true yogurt in 2017 & 2018 after this successful launch. 

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