Light bladder leakage (light incontinence) is an uncontrolled urine leakage problem which occurs among women over 35 years old when they laugh, cough, sneeze or do a strong physical action like lifting. It is a common issue for women around the world, and it’s a result of natural aging or the affects of childbirth/pregnancy. Over 30% of Vietnamese women from 35 – 55 years old suffer light incontinence at least 1 time per month. But currently, there is no product specifically designed for light urine leakage absorbency on the market, and women either utilize tissues or panty liners (17%) and sanitary napkins (11%) to absorb urine.


Create category awareness about the light incontinence pad category and encourage women to try it out.


Though the issue is not a big deal, it’s a sensitive matter that not all women want to admit that they encounter. Therefore, the challenge for this launch was not just to simply create awareness for the new category, but how to communicate the message and the sensitive subject smartly and with enough sympathy to let consumers accept it via digital channels.


In Vietnamese society, there is still a lot of prejudices that make women feel stressed about everything they do. This is especially so when they are having a light incontinence issue, a sensitive problem that makes them feel even more depressed. Regular concerns about urine leakage keeps them from fully participating in daily activities, and affects their confidence levels and quality of life.

Creative idea

Ufree - Enjoy life in a comfortable way (Thoải mái sống vui)

By introducing the term “bóng vỡ” with the metaphorical icon of a balloon, it’s strong enough to clearly show the sensitive issue to the consumers. Using all the touch points within the digital sphere, we created great attention as well as participation for the content and the trial for the products even though it was only the initial launch. We started the campaign with a conversation about “bóng vỡ” within private social groups to introduce the new term for the target audience. While the conversation gained good attention, the TVC was launched to officially announce the Ufree product. Because this was a very new brand and the first product in the market, we also created an online sampling hub – a microsite- to drive potential consumers to and give them a chance to use a product sample.


For the first month after launching, we reach 1,150,000 video views for the TVC; 50,000 user interest and visits to the landing page with engagement for sampling. The term “bóng vỡ” became popular and registered for the light incontinence issue, it’s also similar to the term “mùa dâu”, “đèn đỏ”.

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