Dinosaur Vietnam’s campaign for cooking oil brand Neptune achieved the most buzz on social media platforms in Vietnam during November 2017.

Measured using the Buzzmetrics Social Index (BSI), the Neptune campaign generated almost three times as many mentions and interactions as the next two campaigns for Clear and Golgi Brothers.

Neptune has long been well known for its emotionally driven video content timed around the Tet lunar new year holiday period. The videos typically showed the hard work and dedication of Vietnamese women to make the Tet holiday special for their families. However, this time the brand wanted to try a new campaign not scheduled for the holiday season.

Creative Director Trong Nguyen said this time the team wanted to take a similar theme but invert it somewhat. With the main message ‘Love is Sharing’, the video Dinosaur produced encourage men to appreciate the sacrifices the women in their lives made, and to begin to share the household and family chores.

Along with the viral video, Neptune also released an interestingly unique series of KVs featuring brand ambassador Tuan Hung. Dinosaur took it to the next level by playing with Vietnamese puns and phrases in a very humorous and charming way. The copy for each KV has two meanings: one is to imply the dignity of a true man, the other is to literally describe the household chores.

neptune-news-04.jpg (166 KB)

A man keeps his calm in the heat of the moment

neptune-news-02.jpg (173 KB)

A man carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

neptune-news-05.jpg (179 KB)

Bitter-sweet experiences and challenges make a man.

neptune-news-03.jpg (158 KB)

A man can battle the raging sea to do what needs to be done.

neptune-news-01.jpg (186 KB)

A man can brave the strongest of winds.

“Vietnam is, unfortunately, a country where old-fashioned gender stereotypes still largely exist,” said Trong, “particularly when it comes to responsibilities around the home.”

The spots were anchored with the fact that women spend an average of 2.5 months per year doing housework, so they were able to connect with both men and women, and generated substantial online discussion with many well-known personalities also entering the conversation with messages of support.

Within a month, the campaign became the most viewed and shared topic on social media with impressive numbers: more than 12 million views, over 200,000 reactions and 27,000 people joined the conversation.

“It was nice to marry a behavioural change message with the brand, this way it was able to become something larger than the sum of its parts and so give it greater impact and ultimately generated more positive awareness,” Trong said.

– Buzzmetrics Social Index (BSI) is based on 5 criteria:

+ Buzz volume: Total discussion/mention/conversation about the campaign & brand 

+ Coverage: Unique audiences who participate in the discussion about the campaign & brand 

+ Object mention: Related keywords mentioned about the campaign & brand 

+ User Generated content: Related content created by users 

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