With the growth in technology and the fact that the market in Vietnam is very hot and dynamic today, businesses need to upscale their functionality as well as their service delivery if they want to survive and thrive in that particular market. To this end, digital transformation is paramount, and this, more importantly, should be spearheaded by a professional company, if at all, the transformation should be effective and efficient.

However, with a dizzying array of digital transformation companies present in the market, choosing the right one is a confusing task. But a little research is worth it. If you’re seeking the best digital transformation company in Vietnam, but don’t know which one is the best, then don’t worry. Here we are going to give a list of top 5 digital transformation companies of Vietnam that can fulfill your requirements efficiently at affordable prices. But before we go ahead, check out the tips to choose the best digital transformation consultancy firm.

Tips for choosing the most suitable digital transformation consultant for your business:

  • Check their level of expertise: The first thing you should evaluate is the kind of technical capability that the digital transformation consultant has. This can be evaluated by asking questions about their team, scalability, as well as technology models. With this information, you will be able to establish if the firm is the perfect fit for your business needs.
  • Check how they handle their clients: It is also crucial to assess how the digital consultancy firm handles its clients. A good consultant is one who prioritizes the needs of their clients. This is achieved through openness in communication and the effort they are willing to put in so as to understand your business. The consultancy firm should be more of a partner to your business.
  • Check their Availability: There are consultancy firms that are not available locally, but you can only access their services on online platforms. There are however those firms that have a global presence by having local offices in various countries. As a business, it is better to hire the services of a consultant who can even come onsite. With such a consultant, you will be at ease knowing that you can reach them at any time.
  • Check how well they understand your business: A great consultant is also one who takes their time to fully understand the needs of your business. With in-depth conversations, they will have a clear understanding of the present technology and identify your objectives. With adequate information on your operations, they will manage to formulate a tailor-based solution.

Top 5 leading digital transformation consultancy companies in Vietnam

Saigon Technology Solutions

Saigon Technology Solutions stands among the most popular digital transformation consultancy companies in Vietnam. The 2012 established software development company is located at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and is the best place to go when you need software developed for the best performance and operation possible. Inspired by the mission to deliver top-notch software solutions that give clients the best value for their hard-earned money, Saigon Technology focuses on e-finance, e-business, healthcare, and media. As such, Saigon Technology Solutions serves clients from different fields in the business sector, having established remarkable clientele within and outside Vietnam borders (such as Karcher, Abbott, Sunwah or Standard Chartered Bank). The extensive clientele is credited to the fact that their services are of amazing quality, and clients can rely upon them completely.

The company sets its foundation upon established domains with the help of professional knowledge in technology and related ventures. To this end, Saigon brings a wide range of services to the table, including software development outsourcing, offshore development center, custom software development, Bespoke software development, mobile application development, web design and development, and web application development. The digital transformation achieved by this company is built carefully based on the plan with a keen focus on individual details before introduction and execution. Saigon Tech solutions’ services are a value addition in the lives of the clients as well as in their businesses. Motivated by their desire to satisfy client needs, they always bring their A-game to the task to get things done with a positive attitude and a smile.

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Saigon Technology Solutions stands among the most popular digital transformation consultancy companies in Vietnam.

In linking clients to their greatest desires, this technology company has empowered several businesses and brands while making use of their prowess in software development to promote the growth of small as well as large companies. They have given companies and institutions like Topicus, Stone Forest, Standard Chartered Bank, Kaercher and Abbott a competitive advantage owing to their digital transformation services to their clients in the most convenient way possible.

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Dinosaur Vietnam

When it comes to digital transformation in businesses, Dinosaur digital agency in Vietnam is an excellent and success-oriented company. Operating on the principle of hard work and quality, the company believes that to survive in the extremely competitive business world as it is today, businesses have to reinvent lest they become extinct. As such, this industry enabler is always at its best, ready to take on new challenges and inspire their clients to do the same. The company is inspired by the belief that one has to be ready to embrace challenges and learn new things that will be instrumental in its growth and development to get to new places by growing.

Researching the best ways to offer services ranging from brand development, communication strategy, digital media marketing, media strategy, and management, Dinosaur digital transformation agency brings a whole new dimension to the advertising, online content, social media, design, retail experience, events and production systems. Owing to their outstanding professionalism, remarkable service and the fact that they are very effective and efficient, this company has managed to attract business and clients locally, regionally, and internationally.

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Dinosaur digital agency in Vietnam is an excellent and success-oriented company

Dinosaur Vietnam is a manifestation of attention to detail and expert finesse as manifested by a team of trained and experienced professionals featuring a young, dynamic team that displays a lot of multiculturalism. This team of professionals spends a significant amount of time working on Vietnamese and global projects. The proven fact that the company represents a digital creative agency is one of the reasons why they are very strong.

With the help of the small group of experts from diverse disciplines who have come together, this company can produce unique and creative solutions, which can transform the businesses of their clients in record time. The Dinosaur Vietnam based accompanies local customers in their business endeavors helping them grow. Among the companies that have benefited include the Vinasoy, Fami and Vsmart.

Moreover, Dinosaur Vietnam also takes pleasure in challenging new digital driven categories like Grab, ZaloPay and Momo. The company is, therefore, an enabler for any business seeking to revolutionize their digital presence and ability and will give them a stronger market presence as a fair business competition is concerned.


FPT is a leading technology company in Vietnam, established more than 30 years ago, serving as an information technology and telecommunications company. Serving locally as well as internationally, this company strives to provide its clients with the best technology services, products, and solutions in a bid to enable their growth and development by securing their market presence. This company is popular for being a pioneer in contemporary technology trends, a move that has set Vietnam on the global map as a hub for digital revolution.

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Representing corporate social responsibility with the help of young, stable, highly-qualified, and experienced labor force, FPT has become a force in the Vietnam technology arena bringing a wealth of benefits to businesses and brands. Among the companies which have benefitted from the exceptional services of FPT include Microsoft, Amazon web services, SAP and Smart TV Alliance among others. Businesses and brands looking to achieve a stronger market presence through digital transformation have often sought expert consultations and services from FPT from where they have achieved results matching and surpassing their expectations.


Phibious Digital Company is a significant market player, and a means to empower businesses in Vietnam specializing in brand consulting, lead agency matters, communication, and content marketing, identity and design, digital marketing, experiential and activation, media and public relations. Their achievements serving and offering expert solutions to multiple businesses locally, regionally, and internationally have set them on the map doing great things and changing the performance of clients’ businesses.

Their amazing brand public relations achieve much for businesses while the media expertise in matters planning, buying, and implementation are always value-adding. As such, Phibious stands among the most sought-after places for online media buying and implementation. Their experiential, as well as activation proficiency, is also very reliable with experiential sampling strategies that are very effective and event-planning mechanisms together with retail experience planning that would otherwise not be very easy. It is, therefore, true to say that this company is an asset for any company seeking to do better in an extremely competitive market.

For a business looking for digital marketing solutions also, this company is a remarkable provider of interactive creative content. They also do exceptional website and user interface, including mobile short message service, mobile web, and applications alike. Therefore, it will be an important addition to your business.

For when it comes to identity and design, this company is also a critical consideration with attraction design, matters packaging system design, visual identity system design, merchandise design, retail experience design, and also photography design production. Moreover, they are also a significant player in communication and content marketing with a keen interest in strategy and idea creation as well as content development and content implementation with an inclination towards the purchase journey and platform market.

As a lead agency, Phibious is well versed in knowledge pertaining to brand marketing lead as well as creative and integration lead. As a final service, they also do brand consulting with business and brand visioning and brand architecture. They provide important strategies that can be used by companies to secure a good market positioning and development. Some of their clients include CocaCola, Oreo, Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Unilever, VinGroup and Masan Food among others who have been very satisfied.

Mirum Agency

Mirum Vietnam represents a digital transformation company in Vietnam that believes in limitless service. As such, they research emerging trends in innovation for digital marketing applications. Popular for their unique capability, this is the digital agency with most awards in the country. The company is made solid by the common desire to be a global and interconnected service provider in the technology world.

They focus on collaborating with clients and bringing down the obstacles that limit brands from delivering meaningful customer experiences. The company has a remarkable passion for learning new data concerning ways through which the status quo in business can be improved. To this end, they take an agile and dynamic strategy towards constantly improving the experience made. Going against the limitations due to social campaigns and enterprise applications, Mirum Agency looks for new ways through which problems can be solved in a bid to effect a positive change in business.

Mirum agency always encourages its clients and involving their customers in the areas of business transformation, experience design, and commerce activation. As regards business transformation, the company focuses on the transformation strategy for individual businesses, the identification of opportunities that suit them best, and the development and introduction of new products into the market. As regards experience design, they are instrumental in solution planning and prototyping, design and development, and platform integration and management. Finally, for when it comes to commerce activation, Mirum agencies are keen on campaign and media planning, campaign creation, and conversion optimization and management.

The United States Marine Corps, Citibanamex, Warner Bros and Motor Oil are among the companies and corporations that have been served by this digital transformer. In their service delivery, this pacesetter company operates on ideals of that borders should never be a limit and that for a business to do well, there has to be a balance in motivations in the sense that the interaction between the brand and the people should be fair as both need each other. More importantly, the company believes that a state of consistent innovation will always serve as a competitive advantage for businesses.


Owing to the fact that the market is growing at a very fast rate, those who can survive and grow are the ones who are willing to embrace change. The most potent change in the business arena is technology-based, which is why businesses are seeking to integrate technology as part of their system and keeping an ear open for more inventions and innovations. As such, the company or business, which will do well, especially in this century, is the one that will conceptualize and integrate these changes as part of their impetus, thus digital transformation.

While there are many digital transformation consultancy firms in Vietnam, all of them have the individual advantages that give them a good competitive advantage in the market. Forming an integral part of the business community in Vietnam, these companies form the main enabler to business with a view of making them the best versions of themselves. These digital transformation consultancies are all motivated by the desire to link what businesses achieve to what they believe they deserve.

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